Frame fixings, screws and hammer fixings are through fixings used to fix doors and windows etc, without damaging the surface. Frame fixings can be used for heavy duty fixing of UPVC, wood and metal frames to wood or masonry. The use of hammer fixings for a quick fixing without the need for screws.

Screw frame fixings are used to fix wood doors and window frames to brick work. Masonry Screws or frame fixing screws can also be used for this job but do not have a high quality nylon plugs that houses the fixing.

Frame fixings are the ideal solution for the fixing of facade constructions, roof substructures, heavy wall cabinets, squared timbers, cable trays, gates and doors. The innovative concept and interaction with suitable screws enable unusually high load capacities for plastic fixings.

At Polytrade we stock a wide range of fixings for all types of UPVC and Aluminum windows and doors.

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